IMDb Etiquette: When is it Okay to Email


IMDb is one of the greatest actor resources out there today, and I suggest that every actor sign up for a pro account asap. However, it can be confusing to know whether the information you find at IMDbpro is up for grabs… or if it’s just rude to take advantage of it.

When you sign up for an IMDbpro account, one of the things you’re paying for is access to contact information for agents, managers, casting, and actors. Often you’ll see the physical address, phone number and email for these people. But from an actor perspective, sometimes it can be confusing about the fine line: if someone’s email address is posted on IMDbpro, is it appropriate to email them?

It’s Their Choice

I used to feel really nervous about taking someone’s email from IMDbpro. Say I wanted to get my materials into the hands of an agent I admire, and I wanted to send them a note or ask for a meeting. Of course, I knew that I could send them something in the mail and they would see it. But I also knew that if I could just send them an email, I would get my materials into their hands within a matter of seconds (and it would cost a lot less).

So I braved up and started sending emails to agents and managers… and I was getting a response from people. To my surprise, they never seemed offended that I had emailed them, or suspicious that I had gotten their address in some capacity they were not okay with.

This helped me realized that it’s their choice if they want to publish their email address or not. You’ll notice in your research that many agents choose not to post their email address publicly, because they prefer to be contacted another way.

Since then, I have met a few agents that say they spend a good portion of their day looking over emails and watching demo reels from actors who found their email address on IMDbpro and submitted. And they weren’t offended by it or asking people to stop.

Here’s the bottom line:

whenever you find an email address on IMDbpro, it’s there because that person voluntarily put their information out there.

IMDbpro is a members’ website that you pay to have access to. If you pay to have that access and someone has published their information, you have the green light to use it and make the most out of your membership fee! Just remember to use your discretion and always be professional and respectful when reaching out.


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