Hi, my name is Sarah Siadat [sa-da] [see-a-dot] and its my dream to see myself shine on the small screen. Can you relate to that?

After I graduated from college with a degree in Theatre Performance, I thought the big opportunities were just going to fall into my lap. So I got a headshot and resume, a job at a restaurant and I waited. I spent too long waiting, working for minimum wage, and nothing happened. Every time I turned on the TV I felt sad and jealous watching those actors work because I wanted those jobs so badly, but I didn’t know how to get them.

I didn’t know how the industry was structured, or put together, and how I fit into it. It wasn’t until I became committed to becoming a professional actor that things started to shift. I educated myself on the roles that were appropriate for me, how to create working relationships with casting directors and agents, and what I looked like when I walked into a room. Not long after, I found myself turning into the person industry players trusted and wanted to work with.

Over the years, GE flew me to Dubai for a week to shoot a commercial, I’ve worked with award winning theater companies and on network television. But more important than the credits, I feel fulfilled as an artist because I get paid to do what I love.

If you keep hearing yourself say I want to act, that’s not enough. If you’re ready to work harder than everyone you know, and book the jobs your dreaming of, then we need to talk. I get what you’re going through because I did it too, you don’t have to suffer, you can just be prepared.

Sarah is a gem! Her enthusiasm and passion for helping actors find success is incredibly rare in this business. She is genuine, professional and knowledgeable, and eagerly shares her knowledge, which is impressively vast. She has creative and useful solutions to the logistical and practical issues facing actors. She is warm, insightful, smart…everything you could want in a coach.

-Melanie Holmes

I had stepped away from the business for a while and wasn’t sure how to “get back in the game”. I highly recommend working with Sarah for any artist looking for straight-forward, relevant and tangible coaching. Not only have I been inspired; I have practical tools to go and take action! 

-Demetrius T.

Sarah has a passion for helping others, she has the ability to make complicated scenarios seem easy and totally tangible, while boosting confidence. She helped me get clear on my goals and where I wanted my career to go. She has amazing resources and knowledge that she never holds back, she is enthusiastic, honest and I would recommend her again and again. I’m so thankful for her guidance and support.      -Nazira Sacasa