Your Career is More Than a Hobby, It's Your Profession

Hi. I’m Sarah Siadat.
I understand being frustrated with the state of your career. After all, I have been there, but I learned how to make this career a profession. Not long after, I found myself turning into the person industry players trusted and wanted to work with. Now I am living my dream and have worked on network TV and flown around the world to shoot commercials. I have achieved my dreams and I want to share everything I have learned to help you live yours.

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How Can I Help?

Success Story

In an industry where people promise you the world, for a price; Mentoring for Actors actually delivers!  

I loved working with Sarah Siadat and highly recommend her services to actors who are just getting started, as well as, to those who need to revamp their marketing.  Sarah is honest, knowledgeable, creative, and wastes no time in helping you cultivate your brand.  

-Wida K.