“I don’t know where I would be without Sarah’s advice. Starting out as an actor in LA is a thrilling yet daunting task. Sarah helped me set tasks to reach both short-term and long-term goals. She provided assistance in narrowing down my casting director target list and helped me realize which workshops weren’t worth my time. She also provided me guidance when corresponding with potential agents and managers. I was so stressed out–she was right there for me with a quick response and even email templates! She provided me a clear plan of attack including how to follow-up, frequency with which I should contact, and how to know when it was time move on. Sarah eased the process of being a new LA actor and even made it enjoyable. It has been such a gift to feel like I am in control of my own career. Sarah approaches this business with positivity and business savvy–two tools that are imperative to a successful acting career.”

-Carolyn Jania


“I highly recommend Sarah Siadat to anyone seeking guidance and direction for their acting career. She tailors her mentoring to the individual’s needs, helping to identify what you specifically should be focusing on. She truly is a mentor that helps guide you. She assisted me in developing a clear path and set of goals. With Sarah’s help I now feel much more aware, prepared and focused on what lies ahead. I really enjoyed each and everyone of my calls with her and know I will be reaching out to her again in the future as new questions and obstacles arise. She rocks!”

-Leslie Miller

“Sarah was incredibly helpful during my manager meetings. After one particularly horrible meeting, she helped me realize what was and was not within my control: how to prepare, what things to say in terms of goals and vision for myself, and what kinds of questions to ask of potential managers. The very next day I had a meeting that I felt very prepared for, and it went wonderfully! In fact, I signed with that manager the next week! Sarah is just the right amount of pep talk, kick in the butt and goal-driven coach that everyone needs.”

-Lisa Linke

“In a business where the number of paths to take are infinite, Sarah gave me the direction and implementable tools to build the foundation for a successful acting career in NYC.”

-Kristin Buckels

“Sarah’s creative thinking and no nonsense approach combined with her abundance of useful techniques are a huge asset to any actor. She’s resourceful, a great problem solver and has a bucket of invaluable tools to share.”

-Riva Di Paola

“Working with Sarah has been instrumental in the growth and success I’ve seen recently in my acting career. She has helped me implement powerful strategies that have made working towards my goals easier and more effective. She is the first person I turn to when I need help or advice with the business of acting, and I always walk away feeling empowered and clear on what steps to take next.”

-Elizabeth Maxwell

“When it comes to career coaching, there isn’t anything Sarah can’t do. Within only an hour, she was able to pinpoint and come up with a solution to all my time management issues. She’s a rock star.”

-Grant Jordan

“Sarah is an incredible mentor. She’s patient, highly intelligent, and has credibility to back up all of her courses. What really struck me in working with her is not only the sheer volume of information and experience she has, but her willingness to share it. I’ve learned A LOT from Sarah in just a few short months. If you’re ready to take your career to the next level, save yourself a lot of time and work with Mentoring for Actors!”

-Alison Volk

“I highly recommend Sarah’s Actors career Jumpstart for any actor trying to understand, find their place in, and break into the industry in Los Angeles. With Sarah’s guidance and incredible insight into both the business and artistic side of acting in L.A., I feel like I’ve been kickstarted into my career and have learned in six weeks what it would otherwise have taken me years and years to understand. I came to L.A. as a very enthusiastic and energetic actress but could have spent a lot of time putting energy into areas that wouldn’t have really served my career long-term. Sarah helps you focus your energy and ambition into what’s really going to help you get your career going. She teaches you to be honest about your type and your goals, and sets you up with an action plan so you can keep going and stay focused on your career long after the course ends. Sarah helped me figure out exactly how to market myself to casting directors and agents to make it easy for them to see which roles they can cast me in, and encouraged me to keep my standards high and set my sights on the shows and projects I really want to be involved with. Sarah approaches the film and television industry with the intelligence of a businesswoman and the strategy of a total professional. She showed me how to channel all of my dreams and excitement into the concise and detailed action steps necessary to achieve them. If you want to learn the ins and outs of this industry, develop your career, and create a solid plan for reaching your dreams, Sarah’s mentoring for Actors course is the best I’ve found in L.A.”

-Katelyn Laird