My Favorite Actor Things: The Rehearsal 2 App

If you’re like me, one of the most challenging things about being an actor is memorizing lines. I have an easier time memorizing when I speak the words out loud, but when I do that, I’m not learning my cues.  Of course the best option is to run lines with a friend, but sometimes there isn’t anyone around. If a real human isn’t available, why not use a computer? Enter, the Rehearsal 2 App.

Yes, it’s $20

And that sounds like a crazy amount when every app is $0.99. I’m a big believer in buying apps that are $0.99 or free, so believe me when I say I was very skeptical of this expensive application. When I finally took the plunge and downloaded it, I was very satisfied. In fact, I’m sure I made my $20 back within a month of use because I use it so often.

It Runs Your Lines with You

As soon as you get your sides, email them to the address the app provides. They will automatically be uploaded into the program where you can highlight your lines, black them out, and scroll through the text while you record.

Later, when you’re practicing, the program will automatically scroll down the page as you speak. Rehearsal App runs lines with you. It’s almost as good as another person.

It Goes with You

I use this app while I’m commuting, while I’m walking my dog, and while I’m getting ready to leave the house. They say it’s easier to memorize when you’re physically doing something, and what’s to stop me from doing dishes while I memorize?

It Will Save Your Relationship

Now I love my husband, but I will not run lines with a significant other or a family member. It always seems to cause tension. My younger sisters and my mom have even given me line readings when they’ve ‘helped’ me work on scripts. They also don’t quite understand what’s happening in the scene so they don’t read the words with correct inflection.

They all have good intentions, but it’s not helpful when loved ones give you their opinions on your acting ability or the scene when you’re trying to rehearse. Those opinions can get in your head and make it difficult to do your best work.

Save yourself some headache and time and memorize lines in a snap with this app for iPad and iPhone. It’s called Rehearsal 2 in the app store.

Have you used Rehearsal 2? Drop a note in the comments below to share.

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