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Use A Success Journal To Stay On The Right Track

When I first moved to Los Angeles from New York, I expected the transition to be smooth. After all, I had worked so hard to meet industry people and build relationships in The City that I expected things to be a cinch in LA. When I arrived, I was ready to pick up where I’d left off and head out to auditions right away. Unfortunately, things weren’t

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Feeling Blue? You May Just Need A Little Dose Of Giving Back

As actors, sometimes we tend to have tunnel vision with our careers and we need a little reminder to relax, have fun and give back to the community. Volunteering or working with a charity is a great way to fill your tank – doing charity always makes me feel good!
Actors are people who bring a lot of personality, energy and good humor to their activities.

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Actors: Turn on the TV and do your homework

If you’re an actor interested in working in television, you probably know how important it is to do your research and stay up to date with current TV shows. Know what’s on, what shoots in your city, and have a general sense of the tone and content of each show. Television is Changing Very Quickly. It used to be that TV actors worked on TV, theater actors worked on

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