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5 Tips to a successful relationship with your representation

I’ve seen many actors believe that once they get representation their careers will change over night. In my free mentoring for actors jump start series I share some tips on why that isn’t necessarily true and 5 tips to creating a strong relationship with your representation. Please leave your comments below, and show some twitter

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There is No Comparison: How to Deal with Jealously, and Why there’s No Such Thing as Competition

Every actor has fallen into the jealousy trap at some point, and the story can go something like this: one of your friends who you love and admire has been with you since the beginning. Maybe you went to school together and decided to take the plunge and move

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Use A Success Journal To Stay On The Right Track

When I first moved to Los Angeles from New York, I expected the transition to be smooth. After all, I had worked so hard to meet industry people and build relationships in The City that I expected things to be a cinch in LA. When I arrived, I was ready to pick up where I’d left off and head out to auditions right away. Unfortunately, things weren’t

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