Your Career is More Than a Hobby, It's Your Profession

Hi. I’m Sarah Siadat. I understand being frustrated with the state of your career. After all, I have been there, but I learned how to make this career a profession. Not long after, I found myself turning into the person industry players trusted and wanted to work with. Now I am living my dream and have worked on network TV and flown around the world to shoot commercials. I have achieved my dreams and I want to share everything I have learned to help you live yours.

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Foundation Building

Let’s work together to create a vision for your perfect life. We will start by examining all that you have done and create a roadmap you can follow by yourself, or with me, for the future. 

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Immerse Yourself

We will tailor our sessions to your needs and immerse you into the entertainment business. Our ongoing mentorship and one on one coaching will provide you with the support you need going forward.

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Industry Resources

Using time saving resources and techniques we will formulate goals, solidify your brand, and prepare you to walk confidently into the audition room. Remember, I have been there, and you will succeed! 

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Success Story

Time is money. If you are wasting my time, you are wasting my money. Sarah WASTES NO TIME. She jam packed my session in a clear and concise way with unconventional tools and resources to make my transition from NY to LA efficient.  She evaluated my situation, honed in on my goals and provided me with specific steps to achieve them.  I left our session feeling clear, loaded and fully prepared. Sarah’s generosity, knowledge of the business and “out of the box” thinking makes her truly “one of a kind.”    She is worth every penny and more!

Janet Fiki
Janet Fiki

If you’re ready to get to work, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s do this. Together.