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When to send a Thank You card

This weeks Mentoring For Actors jump start series answers a question asked by my very talented client Lisa. The video is short and sweet, if you have a career question you want answered make sure you send it over to Enjoy!

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Actors: Sometimes nothing is better than something

As an actor, you are the CEO and founder of your acting empire. Everything you do is a reflection of you, your ability and your brand. This means that it’s very important that you feel proud of whatever you put out into the world – whether it’s your website, your headshot or your marketing materials

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Hey Actors, Get a hobby!

As actors, we are passionate about our career pursuits. We know we’re meant to be on stage or on screen and we spend all our time thinking about what we want to create and how we’re going to create it. It’s easy for us to make our career the sole focus of our life because there’s always something more we could be doing:

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