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Have You Shunned Twitter? Here’s 3 Reasons You Should Get on Board

These days, it’s unusual to meet someone who doesn’t use Facebook, but though Twitter is very rapidly growing (at the beginning of 2015 they had slightly more than 218 million users!), many people just can’t handle the hash tag craze. If you’re not regularly active on this social network, let me tell you something:

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Suffering from post-audition blues?

Casting directors are back in the swing of things, and audition appointments are already going out. Of course nailing your next audition is the goal; however, for those times when you feel your performance wasn’t what you hoped, here is some advice. This week’s MFA Jump Start video tackles what to do and what not to do after you question the quality of your audition.

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Actor Resource: Free Podcasts

Have you discovered podcasts yet? A podcast is an audio recording that you can download from the Internet, similar in structure to a radio or interview show.

There are thousands of free podcasts that are geared toward people in the entertainment industry, and many specifically created for actors. Some of my favorites feature light-hearted interviews with

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